Excalibur Boutique Hotel

Photo Shoots @ Excalibur Boutique Hotel

Photo Shoot Rates

Rates are not applicable to events hosted at Excalibur. Photographs are allowed when you host an event with us.

Kindly note that we do not allow Wedding & Matric farewell photoshoots if the wedding / matric farewell does not take place at Excalibur.

Photo Shoot Terms & Conditions

  1. Full Pre-Payment required 7 days before photoshoot.
  2. ONLY the number of people booked and paid for will be allowed on-site.
  3. The hotel rooms (Up the stairs) are not available for photoshoots, no photoshoot guests will be allowed upstairs.
  4. EXCALIBUR takes pride in the venue and gardens, kindly show respect while taking photos. No guests are allowed to climb onto any fountain or rock art. All guests are to remain on the pathways at all times and are not allowed to set foot into any garden. A fine of R2000 will be added to the BOOKERS account should this happen.
  5. NO furniture or décor items including paintings, clocks, and mirrors may be moved or removed. We try our utter best to make EXCALIBUR as beautiful as possible for photos, so please show respect. A fine of R2000 will be added to the BOOKERS account should this happen.
  6. No serving areas (restaurant tables, etc.) will be moved to accommodate photographers.
  7. No excessive noise will be tolerated
  8. Parties must be organised & controlled
  9. NO photos allowed of other guests in the RESTAURANT or PUBLIC AREAS.
  10. All private areas (staff only) will be off-limits to any photographer.
  11. EXCALIBUR staff will not be able to assist photographers in any way to accomplish their duties or performing their task as a photographer.
  12. All guests enter Excalibur property at own risk, Excalibur will not be held liable for any injury, death or loss while guests are on the premises.
  13. Excalibur Management reserves the right to expel any additional participants or to end any photoshoot without a refund should any of these terms / conditions be broken.